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The Tales of Everwynn

 a series of short stories that will give you never-before-seen details of the lives of some of Everwynn's most vibrant characters. Sail the seas with Darius Harker, fight dangerous foes with Baron the Bold, explore the mystery that is Josiah the Dragon, and much, much more! Updated regularly, this series is available EXCLUSIVELY from ChroniclesofWhimsy.com and is available for your enjoyment ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

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Experience the Wonderful World of Everwynn where you can learn all there is to know about the magical races, creatures and plants that inhabit this amazing world. 

< title > Chronicles of Whimsy | Fantasy Fiction Series < meta name =“ Description” content =“ Follow the adventures of Whimsy Lafayette, a teenage girl from our world who is transported to the magical world of Everwynn, as she struggles to survive and find her way home.” > < meta name =“ Keywords” content =“ Fantasy Fiction, Book Series, YA Fiction, Magic, Adventure.” > < meta name =“ Author” content =“ T. Edwin Perry" > < meta name =“ Robots” content =“ all” >

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WARNING: The Chronicles of Whimsy is a Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Adventure, and it is the Author's opinion that it is not appropriate for children under the age of 13. While I have done my best to limit the use of gratuitous profanity and sexuality, these books do contain scenes that are both graphic and violent nature that may be considered too intense for young and/or sensitive readers.

Please visit the “Parental Guidance” page for more details.

Thank you, and never stop believing!

Welcome to The Chronicles of Whimsy, a Fantasy Fiction series following the adventures of Whimsy Lafayette, a 17-year old girl from Central Florida, who finds herself thrust into the fantastic world of Everwynn, a magical realm filled with Fae, Wizards, Dragons, Elves, Ogres, Trolls, Pirates and more!

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