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WARNING: The Chronicles of Whimsy is a Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Adventure, and it is the Author's opinion that it is not appropriate for children under the age of 13. While I have done my best to limit the use of gratuitous profanity and sexuality, these books do contain scenes that are both graphic and violent nature that may be considered too intense for young and/or sensitive readers.

Please visit the “Parental Guidance” page for more details.





Compared to her friends, Whimsy Lafayette had never been exactly “normal,” but nothing in her life could have prepared her for the challenges that she was about to face. It was the first day of her senior year and her seventeenth birthday, so to mark the occasion, her father gave her two very special gifts: the crystal pendant bearing an eight-pointed star, a family heirloom that was all that remains of his own childhood, and the promise that he would finally reveal to her the secrets of his mysterious past. But before he has the chance to fulfill that promise, Whimsy is magically transported to the fantastic world of Everwynn, a place filled with amazing surprises and terrible dangers. She is surrounded by the wondrous creatures of her father's bedtime stories: powerful Fae, cunning Wizards, mischievous Dragons and warring Elves, but she quickly discovers that this is no Fairy Tale, and the dangers confronting her are very real. Now, Whimsy must learn how to survive in this strange new world and discover how she is connected to it while struggling to find her way home.