WARNING: The Chronicles of Whimsy is a Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Adventure, and it is the Author's opinion that it is not appropriate for children under the age of 13. While I have done my best to limit the use of gratuitous profanity and sexuality, these books do contain scenes that are both graphic and violent nature that may be considered too intense for young and/or sensitive readers.

Please visit the “Parental Guidance” page for more details.

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Whimsy has found her way back from Everwynn, but nothing is the way that she left it. With her home destroyed by the Dragon's fire, Whimsy has lost everything but her memories, and those memories are tearing her apart. Not only is she haunted by the events of her time in Everwynn, but she is also having visions, reliving the horrific memories that she absorbed when Josiah destroyed the Well of Soul. Worst of all is the discovery that Josiah is still alive, trapped within the prison of her own mind because she used a magic that she didn't fully understand in order to defeat him. Now, her only hope of freeing herself from these problems is to return to the place where it all began and seek out the help of the friends she left behind. Will Whimsy find the help she is looking for, or will she remain BROKEN forever?

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