WARNING: The Chronicles of Whimsy is a Young Adult Fantasy Fiction Adventure, and it is the Author's opinion that it is not appropriate for children under the age of 13. While I have done my best to limit the use of gratuitous profanity and sexuality, these books do contain scenes that are both graphic and violent nature that may be considered too intense for young and/or sensitive readers.

Please visit the “Parental Guidance” page for more details.



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The Epic Adventure Ends with a Vengeance


Exiled by the Fae and rejected by the Broken, Whimsy has spent the last year trapped alone in Everwynn, struggling to survive in a world where nearly everything is trying to kill her. Meanwhile, visions of Josiah's plans to seize control of this magical world and punish her for standing against him haunt her dreams, but when a stranger arrives with an offer that may help her defeat the Dragon once and for all, Whimsy finds herself on her most dangerous quest yet to find her missing friends in the Elflands before Josiah can use them against her.