Sociopolitical Themes

The plot of this Series includes and addresses themes of a sociopolitical nature, which are necessary to drive both character development and the overall story line. These themes include "Personal Responsibility," "Oligarchy/Monarchy vs. Self-Government," "Freedom vs. Slavery," and issues relating to Racism. (Just to be clear, I am staunchly opposed to racism in all its forms, regardless of the color and background of the Racist.) 

I hope that you find these warnings helpful in deciding whether you or your child should read these stories. If you have any other questions regarding this Series, please visit the Contact Us page or e-mail me at and I will do my best to answer your questions as soon as possible. Thank you.


Yes, this story includes scenes wherein characters use Magic. Specifically, they use “Elemental” magic relating to Earth, Water, Fire and Air. If you find this type of activity offensive to your religious or spiritual beliefs, then please refrain from purchasing these books.


The first book in the series, Birthright, contains some nudity, but no graphic sexuality. As the series progresses, there will be scenes that may be considered “stimulating,” but are no more graphic than a “PG-13” movie.


In Everwynn, the Common Tongue spell translates the various languages spoken by the different races so that they may all communicate with one another; however, this spell will not translate profanity. Most of the harsh language in these books is spoken in Elvish; however, the main protagonist in this book is a seventeen-year old girl from our world as it exists today. As such, for the sake of realism, there is some profanity that has made its way into the story. (Note: the “F-Word” has been intentionally omitted.)


Everwynn is a world of magic, but it can also be a very violent place. The technology of this world has stagnated at a time similar to our own Dark Ages. Scenes depicting violent conflict, therefore, tend to be brutal, bloody and gory, but are generally no worse than what would be depicted in a video game or movie rated PG-13 by the MPAA.


Greetings, Parents and Readers! My name is T. Edwin Perry. While writing these stories, I have tried to take into consideration the fact that the general subject matter in these books may be considered appealing to younger audiences; however, they have NOT been written for young children. In my own humble opinion, they include themes and scenes which may be too mature or intense for children under 13. The following warnings may seem silly to some, but I hope it will help you, as parents, determine whether or not your teenaged reader is mature enough to add The Chronicles of Whimsy to their reading list.